Hotels Near WW2 Museum New Orleans

Hotels Near WW2 Museum New Orleans

You don’t have to be a historian or a history buff to enjoy the WW2 Museum in New Orleans.

In fact, it’s more for families with kids and anyone who likes interactive exhibits.

There are big-screen films that take you back in time and show how life was during World War II. There is also tons of memorabilia from the era on display, plus interactive games that will keep children entertained for hours.

You can even get your photo taken at one of the many photo booths set up throughout the museum!

Here is a list of Hotels Near WW2 Museum New Orleans

– Comfort Suites New Orleans

– Courtyard by Marriott

– Hyatt Regency New Orleans

– Hilton Garden Inn

If you want to visit the WW2 Museum in New Orleans and stay nearby, there are a few hotels that might be right for you. For those looking for more budget-friendly accommodations, we recommend Comfort Suites New Orleans or Courtyard by Marriott. If you’re on a tighter schedule but still need an affordable option, Hilton Garden Inn is conveniently located near the museum. And if luxury suites are what you’re after, Hyatt Regency New Orleans will deliver! No matter where your priorities lie when it comes to hotel amenities, these properties should have something perfect for your needs.