Hotels Near Sequim

Hotels Near Sequim

The Sequim area has a lot of hotels to offer with many different styles and sizes. If you’re looking for a hotel in the city, the most centrally located option is Comfort Inn at 3621 N. Sequim Ave., which offers complimentary breakfast buffet every morning from 6-9am and free wireless internet access throughout the property. After your night’s sleep, enjoy a delicious hot breakfast before hitting the road again! For those who prefer more seclusion, try The Dungeness Spit Resort at 5595 E. Lighthouse Rd., which is about 14 miles away from downtown Sequim.

Here is a list of Hotels Near Sequim

– Comfort Inn

– The Dungeness Spit Resort

It’s important to know what you want before looking for a hotel. If your main criteria is proximity, the Comfort Inn in Sequim may be right up your alley. However, if you prefer seclusion and luxury for an affordable price, The Dungeness Spit Resort could be more appropriate for your needs. Regardless of which type of accommodation suits you best, keep this list handy so that next time you find yourself exploring hotels near Sequim Washington State – there will always be one just waiting for you!