Hotels Near Scranton PA

Hotels Near Scranton PA

In today’s busy world, many people need a place to stay for the night. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were hotels near Scranton PA? I know a few places that offer this service! Read on to find out more about these locations.

Hotel Indigo is one of those hotels near Scranton PA with plenty of comfortable rooms and amenities. They have an indoor pool and spa as well as delicious food in their restaurant, which is open daily from 6am-10pm. The hotel also has conference space so you can stay productive while away from home or work.

Here is a list of Hotels Near Scranton PA

– Hotel Indigo

– Haddad’s Inn and Suites

– Clarion University Larksville Student Center

– Clarion Hotel by Drury Inn Lackawanna Station

It can be hard to find hotels near Scranton PA that are affordable and have the amenities you need. There are quite a few options though, so it’s just about narrowing down your preferences based on what is most important to you. If you want an upscale hotel with all of the bells and whistles, Hotel Indigo may be for you! You’ll get everything from indoor pool time to delicious food in their restaurant open daily from 6am-10pm. They also have conference space so if staying productive is top priority, this might work well for you!