Hotels Near Glass Beach

Hotels Near Glass Beach

You’ve never seen a beach quite like Glass Beach. You can find it in Fort Bragg, California, and if you’re looking for a freaking good time this is the place to go.

The beach is made of glass shards from an old glass factory that was built back in 1857, but eventually abandoned when the area became too remote. The waves have been slowly washing away at the sandstone cliffs ever since then, turning them into piles of colorful pebbles that are now known as “sea glass” or “mirror sea-glass.” These pieces of natural art form some of the most beautiful and interesting beaches found anywhere on Earth today.

Here is a list of Hotels Near Glass Beach

– Marguerita Hotel

– The Inn at Fort Bragg

– El Rancho Motel

The Marguerita Hotel, the Inn at Fort Bragg, and El Rancho Motel are all near Glass Beach. If you’re looking for a place to stay while exploring this natural wonderland of glass pebbles, these hotels will be perfect!