Hotels Near CDC

Hotels Near CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is an agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, one of the fourteen agencies that comprise the United States Public Health Service. The CDC’s headquarters are located just outside Atlanta in Druid Hills, Georgia.

The CDC specializes in public health protection – preventing disease outbreaks both in the US and abroad. They do this by monitoring diseases like influenza, HIV/AIDS, malaria; tracking food-borne illnesses; providing disaster relief; promoting safe sex practices; recommending vaccinations to prevent illness; measuring air quality to protect our environment from hazardous chemicals or biological agents like anthrax spores or smallpox viruses and conducting research on chronic conditions such as obesity or asthma to identify causes

Here is a list of Hotels Near CDC

– Westin Hotel Atlanta

– Holiday Inn Express & Suites Atlanta Airport North

– Hampton Inn & Suites Duluth/I-85 ITP

There are a variety of hotels near the CDC, which may be optimal for those who need to visit frequently. It’s worth noting that many of these locations have features such as free breakfast or Wi-Fi so you can enjoy your stay and save money on food at the same time. For example, The Westin offers complimentary hot breakfast every morning in addition to an indoor pool and fitness center so you feel refreshed after a long day visiting with friends or co-workers.