Hotels Near Beaufort SC

Hotels Near Beaufort SC

A lot of people associate the word “vacation” with beaches, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

A vacation can be any time you get away from your normal life and spend some time relaxing, exploring new places, meeting new people, or taking on a new challenge.

The best vacations are ones where you find yourself in an environment that is completely different than home. Beaufort SC has all the features of an ideal vacation spot: beautiful scenery everywhere you look; plenty of outdoor activities like kayaking and hiking; many restaurants serving delicious food; and welcoming locals who will make sure you feel at home.

Here is a list of Hotels Near Beaufort SC

– The Beaufort House Inn

– Beaufort Suites & Villas

– The Islander Resort

The Beaufort House Inn is a charming bed and breakfast with Victorian decor, free WiFi access, and complimentary breakfast. They are located in the heart of historic downtown Beaufort SC where you can find many restaurants serving delicious food as well as shops that will fulfill your every need. The Islander Resort offers luxury accommodations on Fripp Island which features an all-inclusive stay including golfing privileges at the prestigious King’s North Golf Club.