Hotels Near Anaheim

Hotels Near Anaheim: The best way to find hotels near Disneyland and other popular tourist attractions in Southern California.

>For a vacation or business trip, it’s important to know where you want to stay before booking your flight. Hotels Near Anaheim makes finding the perfect hotel for your needs easy by providing a list of hotels with proximity information so you can choose which location is most convenient for what you need. Whether you are looking for family-friendly accommodations, an affordable price, scenic views, or anything else, we have the perfect place waiting just outside of Disneyland!

– Southern California Hooters

– Sheraton at Disneyland Hotel

– Millennium Biltmore Hotel

– Best Western Plus North Hollywood Hills

The Anaheim Marriott is a hotel near Disneyland, California. The hotel has several on-site restaurants and bars for guests to enjoy including the Garden Grill restaurant which offers buffet style dining with fresh produce grown in their garden. As well as being just minutes away from Disney parks, there are also plenty of places nearby to grab some grub after your day at the park such as Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen or Wetzel’s Pretzels.